There has been some confusion over whether employees who are not working over the Christmas period are entitled to be paid for the statutory holidays. 

If you are an employee, who is subject to the partial closedown over the Christmas break, and you normally work on the days of the week that are statutory holidays this year, then you will be paid for those days, whether you are on annual leave or leave without pay. This is because, if Playcentre was not in a closedown, this would be an otherwise working day for you. 

Any employees not subject to the partial closedown, will also be paid for the statutory holidays if it is a day they normally work. 

If you are on unpaid leave for some reason other than the partial closedown, then you would only be entitled to the statutory holidays if you have been on unpaid leave for less than a week at the time of the holidays. 

Centres will need to be aware that for centre-paid employees they will be invoiced for those statutory days in addition to the days worked.