Dads at Playcentre

Mums, dads, and all whānau including grandparents, aunties and uncles, and other caregivers are welcome to attend Playcentre with the children.

This means our children develop supportive relationships with a range of adults, and it also adds to the rich array of experiences available as different adults bring new things to the play table.

Fathers attending Playcentre

Playcentre was established in 1941 to support mothers. It goes without saying that parenting styles have changed a lot over the past 80 years.

Today, fathers often attend Playcentre and make up a significant portion of volunteers.

Meet Jared, a Playcentre Dad. Jared is a full-time butcher. But on Thursdays you will find him at Playcentre looking after his daughter, Ruby. Jared started going to Playcentre because he wanted to spend more time with his little girl to make sure she was getting along ok.