Frequently Asked Questions

For your child

How is Playcentre different from other early childhood education (“ECE”) options for your child?

What will my child learn at Playcentre?

What age can my child go to Playcentre?

Are there any teachers at Playcentre?

Can I drop my child off?

For you


What benefits are there for parents/caregivers who attend Playcentre?

Is Playcentre just for mums?

Can working parents go to Playcentre?

Visiting Playcentre

We are new to the country, how will we fit in?

Can I try several Playcentres before I join one?

How do I join Playcentre?

What others are saying

Really great quality education for your little ones. And a supportive network for your whānau that is so much greater than you can anticipate at the beginning.

- Jesse

It’s great fun for the kids and great social time for parents. So many learning opportunities for child and parent, mum or dad or grandparent can go.

- Danielle