Grandparents at Playcentre

Grandparents attending Playcentre

Both grandparents who are acting as primary caregivers, and grandparents who simply want to spend more time with their grandchildren often attend Playcentre sessions.

At Playcentre grandparents are a valued part of our village. It is a privilege for grandparents and grandchildren to spend time together and the benefits for both are huge and well documented.

In October Playcentre holds a special day – Grandparents Day – to honour, recognise and celebrate grandparents.

Barbara, a Playcentre grandparent, says that attending Playcentre means that:



Doryan took her own daughters to Playcentre when they were small and now delights in being there with her grandchildren.

“I’m very happy I came here, I chose the correct place. I felt my Grandson was not mixing with other kids, which he is now”