Why choose Playcentre?

Nau mai, haere mai

Welcome to Playcentre

Playcentre is a nationwide charity with 420 centres located throughout the country. At each centre you will find a supportive, fun and friendly environment for you and your child.

You don’t just watch your child grow.  You grow with them.

Playcentre is founded on what is best for young children’s development: unlimited opportunities for self-directed, free play; responsive, respectful, loving relationships.



Involvement in your child’s early childhood education

Helps strengthen relationships with the special adult/s in their lives 

Children can attend with their siblings


Embraces child-led free play and offers a rich array of resources and experiences

Offers a free, accredited NZQA education programme for adults

Provides high adult-child ratios


Support as a parent

Friendship with other parents and caregivers

Opportunities to take on new responsibilities and learn new skills

If you are new to Playcentre and want to know more, there is further information in the links below.

Every Playcentre offers three free visits, so come along for a visit and see what we’re all about! We would love to meet you and your whānau.


“My children have a whole village of like-minded parents who know their every like and dislike as if they were their own children, and I have beautiful friends who are like sisters and taught me how to be a mum! I am forever grateful for my village.” 


“I met a much wider range of people through Playcentre than any other aspect of my life. I made some good friends, and even those who remained passing acquaintances I learned from. Playcentre created empathy and understanding for people from all walks of life. It is a real taonga.”


“Playcentre changed my whole outlook on motherhood. It has been crucial in maintaining my mental health. It gave me a sense of accomplishment of belonging and feeling like my ‘work’ means something.”