We are pleased to introduce a new event to our calendar. Messy Play is something truly unique to Playcentre.

For the first time, at a national level, we are celebrating all the benefits that Messy Play has for our tamariki and our families.

The date for 2021 is 23-27 August. However, non-dated promotional material will be made available so if these dates don’t suit your centre, you can select dates that do.

Join us as we delve into an array of messy play offerings, from paint and playdough, to a sand and clay, to slime and gloop. Sensory materials that are captivating for young children, and offer limitless opportunities for learning.

Children grow their capacity to concentrate, develop hand-eye coordination, expand their communication skills, and learn about different materials and textures. With minds that are naturally curious and hands eager to explore, messy play is satisfying and inspiring for youngsters. Explore the benefits alongside your child, with a range of sensory activities they’re sure to love.

Further information on Playcentre Messy Play event

Promotional material for centre use to promote messy play