A Bigger Digger by Brett Avison

ISBN: 9781742484105
A Bigger Digger is about Bryn and his dog Oscar who find something quite extraordinary while digging behind the shed on his Mums farm. After the find, Ted the expert arrives to inspect and excavate, and this is when the diggers start to arrive! An awesome story and find for Bryn and Oscar with a twist at the end.

This is a great book for boys! My son loved the different diggers, backhoes and trucks – all different colours and sizes. But he also pointed out other things that I didn’t notice at first – there are different farm animals (or Oscar) on each page as well as all the people wearing hats outside with the exception of one man. This was great for his observation skills as well as reinforcing colours and numbers. I personally loved the flow of the story. Words were bolded, which I could accentuate as I read. It’s fantastic to have a book that a boy would love – it has diggers and trucks and dirt galore. And the pop-up at the end was an awesome surprise too! It appealed to me because there are not a lot of digger storybooks around for the low end of the targeted age range (3-6 years). And it is even better that Brett Avison is a New Zealand author.

A Bigger Digger would certainly be an excellent choice for any boy!

Jaime Phillips, Stokes Valley Playcentre