This year Playcentre Open Week’s theme is friendship.

This is a heart-warming story about two mothers who found their village through Playcentre.

“Centaine and I have so much in common – we’re mamma soul-sisters – but it was only through Playcentre we found each other.

Our boys were born on the same day, just hours apart. But we never knew they existed.

Our values are identical, we find our way in parenting along the same path. But we never knew we weren’t alone.

We share hobbies and interests. But we never knew our paths crossed.

We can finish each other’s sentences. But we never knew someone else was saying them too.

Our boys adore each other and think of each other like brothers.

But we only found each other through Babies CanPlay at our local Playcentre, when the boys were about 6 months old.

Every day I’m grateful that we both chose to go to that amazing programme, so we could get to know each other in such a nourishing and thoughtful environment. Being part of our babies’ play and learning, as well as our own development as mothers, is an intense way to find out how you relate to others.

Centaine and I could have been family; and actually, through Playcentre we became family”.