Takaka Playcentre continue to run Playcentre sessions on their regular days via skype and encourage families to share what they have been up to in their bubbles to give inspiration to everyone.

Recently their skype sessions have been centred around music and singing songs that the tamariki are all familiar with as well as a few new ones. It has also inspired children to make pois at home, set up a teddy bears picnic, use puppets, learn new songs and continue to talk about their friends and experiences even though they are not physically at Playcentre.

In this awesome video, Lili Bridger wanted Dad (Robin) to do the dinosaur song which has proven to be a favourite in their skype catch ups and has all the parents being big scary dinosaurs around their own lounges.

The lyrics are:

Listen to the chorus of the Brontosaurus

and the Stegosaurus down by the swamp

Along come the dinosaurs making such a loud roar, thumping with their feet going stomp, stomp, stomp

Here’s the Pterodactyl long wings flapping, big teeth snapping down by the sea

Here comes the Mammoth tusks all curly, joins the hurly burly, oh dear me

What a noise!

It’s the boys

Of the prehistoric animal brigade


Thanks to Robin, Kana, Lili and Mei for sharing this video of their Playcentre at home and making virtual time so enjoyable.

We can’t wait to see all the prehistoric dinosaurs together at the centre one day soon.