We are currently finalising the amalgamation process and tidying up the loose ends.

All but two associations have completed the documentation to support the amalgamation and we are supporting those last two associations to complete the process. On advice from our legal representatives we have delayed the process until these final two associations complete their documentation as we do not want to leave anyone behind and 100% support has always been our goal.

Of the two associations yet to complete the process one was delayed as a result of the holiday period slowing down the receipt of the postal ballot and the other association’s response supporting the amalgamation needed to be clarified legally before we presented this to the High Court. These are only technical issues that need to be addressed and a small delay is worth it to ensure that all of Playcentre is included in the process and we move on united in our amalgamation.

We will keep you updated on our progress but expect to have this tidied up quite quickly.