Online Enrolment forms are now active!

New members can enrol online – either at the centre or from home. The forms can be found on your centres page, on the Playcentre website. This does mean that internet access is required to use these features.

There are 3 different buttons on each centre page (example above), that give different options, so please read this document carefully. It includes images and links to videos to guide you. Please note on the videos the enrolment button is labelled ‘enrol now’ but this has been renamed to ‘request to enrol’.

Document to download: Online Enrolment Forms – Centre Version

Some important information we want to draw your attention to under the ‘Arrange a visit’ button that is covered in this document –  

What does your centre need to do?

An email will also be sent to your centre’s email address that includes key information from this Enquiry.
This may end up in SPAM so please be checking the junk email box as well.
You will need to assign someone from your centre to follow up on these enquiries, make a friendly phone call or send an email, and invite them to visit your centre on an appropriate day.
Your Centre Admin will be able to track the enquiries in Discover as well.
When the family comes to visit – they will either need to sign in as visitors, or use the Office Use only button to sign in.
A short video showing the process can be found here:
Please note that the video says the Centre Admin will need to forward information on to you, however, an email will be automatically sent.

Clarification of Frequent Absence Rules benefits Playcentre

We are very pleased to see some positive advantages coming from the use of Discover already.

Along with improved performance and better access to data, Discover has also undertaken work that will benefit us financially. Having noticed discrepancies between the Funding Handbook, and what was being stated by MoE funding auditors, Discover has followed up and received clarification from the Ministry of Education regarding the point at which funding for absences is discontinued.

Essentially, whilst the Funding Handbook states that absences in the fourth month can no longer be claimed – it is in fact absences in the fourth month that follow the same pattern as previous months that cannot be claimed. For example if a child had regularly been absent one day a week during the previous months, then in the fourth month that day of absence cannot be claimed. However if they are absent a second day one week in the fourth month, that absence can be claimed.

Due to that clarification, we have been able to resubmit the RS7’s that were previously submitted in Discover, and our calculations show that a further $30,000 in funding across the country was able to be claimed. This will also carry through to future funding rounds where we able to claim those additional absences in the usual RS7 rounds.

This is a great outcome for Playcentre, and ensuring that we are receiving all the funding we are entitled to. Our appreciation goes to Discover for getting this clarification confirmed from the Ministry and implementing the calculation into the system.