Education Update – April 2021

Practicum requirements

Being part of the ‘duty team’ on session counts as practicum requirements for students in the Playcentre Education programme. You are reminded of the importance of signing both IN and OUT of Discover with your PIN to record your session practical requirements when you are on duty. If don’t do this you will not have the evidence required to show you have met practical requirements.


Safety Checking and emails form CV check

This information was in the HR section of the last Bulletin – it applies to students in the Playcentre Education programme too. Expect to get an email from New Zealand CV Check to complete the Safety Checking process required for all those studying in ECE programmes.

 (can we have the link to last month’s HR item on CV checks)


Online registrations and the myth that I might miss out.

The idea that because there are too many others already registered I will miss out this month is not true.

We make up as many groups as is necessary for everyone who is registered and eligible to get onto a group as soon as possible. For example, for April we will need 3 groups starting at the beginning of the month 1 April, 2 April and 3 April to cater for anyone who has now registered to do B401 and has sent in their enrolment forms (and the documents we require at enrolment).

Some who have registered will not have returned their enrolment packs so won’t go on the beginning of the month groups but if we have the enrolment documents before mid month they will go on the mid month group/s . We will have as many groups starting mid month (15 or 16 April) as needed to cater for anyone registered and enrolled who is waiting at that time.

Although on the BookWhen booking site it looks like there is only one group for 1 April and one for 1May  in reality there will be as many groups and as many places as needed for everyone who is ready to begin. Also, if you put your name on the 1 May list now (at the end of March) and promptly get your enrolment pack with everything that is needed you will be invited to join the mid April groups and will not have to wait until May to begin.

In Feb we catered for 315 students starting a module online. In March 280 and in April we are looking at more 360.