Term costs, fees and donations

Playcentre is free and is subsidised by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. However, some centres do request a donation or small fee per term. On average these are $30 per term.

When you visit a centre, they will advise if there is a donation request or small fee and how much it is.

WINZ subsidies also can apply to Playcentre fees. Click here for information.

The NZQA education programme that Playcentre provides for adults is offered to everyone and is free of charge for anyone keen to learn. Click here for information

Every Playcentre offers three free visits before enrolment, so come along for a visit and try out different centres in your area. Click here to find a centre in your area.

What others are saying

I played and learnt alongside my kids till they went to school. The friendships we made as a family is priceless. Playcentre was our village. I didn’t just watch them grow, I grew with them.

- Julianna