To maintain centre property i.e. land, buildings, outbuildings, fences etc.

Common Tasks

  • building a relationship with Playcentre Aotearoa Property Team members and accessing support when required
  • keep abreast of changes and notifications from the Property Team particularly those in the Bulletin Property Newsletter
  • Ensuring property maintenance and repairs are identified and rectified, communicating issues to centre members and Playcentre Aotearoa Property Team
  • Completing applications for projects and funding approval, including obtaining quotes and grant applications.
  • Following up on Playcentre Aotearoa Property Team reports and delegating tasks and reporting back to Property Team
  • Notifying the Playcentre Aotearoa Property Team of insurance claims, police notifications, liaison with Insurance company, quotes.
  • ensuring centre compliance is being met eg BWOF, HMMP, Fire evacuations, playground requirement, etc
  • Ensuring property related H&S incident, risk and contractor management processes are followed
  • Report to centre hui on current issues (eg budget, repairs and maintenance, projects, etc), and coordinate with Hire and H&S Office Bearers
  • Keep the centre CA in the know of all property works.
  • Updating and Maintaining a Property Folder, to include all centre-based property information, including:
    • Keep records of all purchases such as sand, bark, etc with amount purchased and supplier.
    • Keep records of maintenance completed by professionals – when, cost and contractor details.

Skills and Competencies

  • knowledgeable (or the interest to learn) about Playcentre processes and policies relating to property and playgrounds
  • knowledgeable (or the interest to learn) about regulations and legislation relating to property and playgrounds
  • Understanding of H&S in relation to property
  • able to lead, prioritise and delegate projects within the centre, working together with the playcentre whānau and the property team
  • actioning issues in a timely manner, ability to prioritise and see projects through.