Transition to work

Playcentre offers the opportunity for you to up-skill in a variety of ways and gain transferrable skills.

There are many different roles at Playcentre, so there are different options to suit everyone.

Some members like to take on an office holder area they have some knowledge and expertise in, others like to take on an area that will offer new learning. Members can also utilise the opportunity to build areas of their skills to enhance their curriculum vitae and transferrable skills for future employment opportunities.

The roles and professional development opportunities at Playcentre include: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education, Bi-cultural, Health and Safety, Property, Equipment, Caring and Sharing, Special Needs, Policy, Employment, Public Relations, Library and many more.

Playcentre also offers a NZQA programme within Playcentre that supports the informal learning taking place in a centre, leading to an expansion in parenting and early childhood education skills for anyone keen to learn. It is an NZQA accredited qualification that is recognised outside of Playcentre and develops your skill set for employment while developing your capacity as an educator and parent.