The Online Experience

The first group of online learners have come to the end of their C405.

Jodie Moore from Otumoetai who was in this group said, “I found the content was interesting. I liked the activities and that you receive feedback as you do it and also that you can read questions or examples written by others and their feedback too. It is difficult for me to get out to evening events so it worked for me – I could access it whenever I had the time and if I had an hour I could commit to doing some as and when it suited me.”

Online is different. Gillian Croad, the Training Co-ordinator described the difference – The online part of this learning is mostly self-guided. What this means for you as a learner is that you have more choice, but greater responsibility. Self-guided means you set the pace and choose how and when to complete readings, videos and activities. Self-guided also means you are responsible for checking your answers against our model answers or feedback. By reflecting on your learning and the ideas discussed during this course, your practical experience in Playcentre sessions will contribute to your understanding of the links between theories and practical application.

How does it work?

This first trial has helped us consider how to manage the online modules. When all the details are finalised we will add information to the Playcentre website. For now it seems clear

  • Students register for an online module the same way you register your interest to attend a workshop series – you book in on the Playcentre website. There is now a link to “Find a workshop or Online module” The face to face modules are advertised by region as before but Northern and Auckland regions schedule of events are on the same page. It seemed from student feedback that there is a lot of cross over here and this has enabled us to put all online options on one national page.
  • Before you are given access to the online module your eligibility will be checked. For example if it for C405 that you have completed the PEA and have a current Safety Check. For B401 we will provide an enrolment pack if you have not already enrolled in the programme.
  • Your access is for a set period – the number of months will depend on the size of the module.
  • There is no cost to the student but we pay per month for each student who has access to the learning platform at any time in the month so plan when you think you will be able to work on the module rather than thinking you might just have a look and do it later.
  • New online modules will start at the beginning of each month and run for 1, 2 or 3 months. You can of course finish in a shorter time – any time before your access ends,
  • Those who have completed the units will have read only access for a month following the end of the set period to refer to the learning material while doing their assessment/s.
  • If your access time has expired and you haven’t completed you will not automatically have extended access – you can register again for that module and when places permit you will be able to pick up where you stopped. The ability to pick up from where you left off in any particular module only lasts for 2 years.


Next offer of online modules

B401 and B402 will have an online option for 1st March – especially useful if you live in an isolated place where B401 or B402 workshops are infrequently available.

C407 and C410 will be ready soon too.

Resignation of Lower North Education Co-ordinator

We wish to acknowledge Kris Porter’s contribution to education and wish her well as she moves from this role. It is a mark of her commitment and professionalism that she has left at the end of the year with term one workshops set up across the entire region. Thank you, Kris

Finding out who has Left Playcentre

From time to time we need to know who is no longer continuing in the eduation programme. In the next few weeks centres will receive an email from [email protected] – please don’t reply to the server but if you type directly into the form on the email and click “reply” your email will automatically fill in your regional Education Administrator’s email to return the information requested –The form is called “Checking current students at centre” please confirm is continuing with the programme, has left or if not intending to continue or is taking a temporary break.