This year we are using an online pack, there are a few things you will need to do before you can fill it in so here is a breakdown of the questions and some FAQs to review before you start.

We request the pack be completed by Friday the 23rd of September.





Please select your centres regions from the list



Please select your centres name from the list



Have you fully reconciled Xero to 31 August 2019

Before you start, please reconcile all transactions up to the end of the financial year, at this point also load all Accounts payable.


Please confirm the bank balances in Xero agree to the bank statement at 31 August 2019

This year centres are not asked to provide Bank Audit certificates (so go ahead and cancel now before year end and save some $) but we are asking you to confirm that what is in Xero matches what is on your bank statement.


Have you completed the fixed asset registration per the “fixed asset guide for treasurers” document

Find the guide here:


Have you “run depreciation” for the year to 31 August 2019

Again refer to the guide above


Would your centre like to join the Group for reporting purposes

For more information refer:


Are you aware of any Fraud, litigation (including matters settled) or significant safety breaches that have or could impact your Centre or Association?

This is a standard audit question, if you do have any concerns you would like to discuss confidentially feel free to contact Marina: [email protected]


Is your centre running any Bi Cultural or Te Reo sessions?

This question is not scientific, if you feel your centre is really embracing multi-cultural practices or doing some Te Reo sessions then go ahead and click “yes”.


Is your centre running any other cultural or bilingual sessions?

This refers to non-Maori sessions, e.g. you may do a Korean language morning or sign language session.


Does your centre host (or lease to) any home based ECE playgroups e.g. Porse

This is fairly self-explanatory, but we are really keen to know how many of our centres are being used as a place to offer socialisation for home based care.


Does your centre host (or lease to) any other non Playcentre community Playgroups

This is similar to the above question, but just asking if you host other Playgroups or ECE providers


Does your centre host (or lease to) any other community groups e.g. toy library, music groups, birthday parties?

Again this one is anything non ECE.

Why are we collecting this data?

We would like to use this as part of our funding discussions and conversations with Grantors to demonstrate Playcentre role in the community and ECE provision that goes beyond what we report in our RS7s.


Are there any other ECE (not including home based or Playgroups) operating within 3km of your centre?

This question is not meant to be difficult and should not require complex measurements or time on google maps, this is simply a question for our rural centres to consider if they are the only standalone (i.e. not a pop up playgroup or Home based care provider) in their local community, if there is a private centre or Kindergarten down the road click “yes”, if you have to drive to another town to access centre based ECE then click “no”.



If your centre has received any Grants or large donations (eg over $200) that you would like acknowledged in our Annual report please fill in the full name of the provider.

We would really like to acknowledge all our wonderful supporters we couldn’t do without. Please include anyone you feel deserves a mention, including all grantors, the local supermarket who donated the sausages for fundraisers or the builders who offered to fix your fence for free.

Click here for the online 2019 Finance Pack.