Congratulations to Liza Macartney from Rotorua who has completed the Playcentre Diploma in Early Childhood and Adult Education (Course 6). Finishing this qualification is a very significant achievement. We are very pleased to be awarding this Diploma to Liza who has been working towards this goal over a number of years. Liza completed Courses 2 and 3 in 2011, Course 4 in 2014, Course 5 in 2017 and in the last 2 weeks met the requirements for Course 6.

Here is what this achievement means to her “Doing Playcentre Education has enriched not only my life but it has opened my eyes into the world of how children develop and learn. Now through the new education system I have the opportunity to pass my knowledge and experience on to the next generation of playcentre adult learners, something I never thought I could have achieved when I first started this journey – anything is possible if you put your mind to it!”

Why Book to attend a Workshop?

When you book to attend we can provide you with

  • information about documents required to enrol,
  • an electronic copy of the assessment booklet,
  • an email advising you if there are changes to the venue, day or time or a postponement for any reason,

It also tells us there are sufficient numbers intending to attend to go actually confirm and go ahead with running the workshop/s and provides the numbers so that sufficient  resources can be sent to the facilitator.

Bookings are made through the online booking system on the Playcentre website – search “Find a workshop” or you can ring your regional Education administrator.

If you “just show up” the workshop may have been changed or cancelled and we will have no way to let you know.

It is also inappropriate and unfair to ‘turn up’ if there is a waiting list so that you ‘jump the queue’ ahead of those who have registered earlier than you and should have first option if a space becomes available.

Consistency of RPL and transition outcomes

It is very important to Playcentre Education that RPL and the transition plan is applied in exactly the same way for all students. All RPL and transition outcomes are evidence based and are checked by someone other than the person who awards credit. If there appears to be differences in the outcomes of this process it is because there are differences in the actual evidence provided for RPL by different applicants or the Courses being transitioned are not the same.

Not all Course 3s are the same – Some are pre 2006 curriculum Course 3 and lack some of the content found in the 2006 and the 2010 curriculum versions of Course 3. An individual may have been credited some of the Course 3 content and these components must be re-assessed against the new Level 4 learning outcomes.

There is a maximum credit allowed if the NZ Certificate in ECE and Care(L4) is to be awarded. Someone with a primary teaching qualification and a completed post 2006 C3 which had no RPL is asked to choose – they either get all modules up to the PEA and no more credit in the C series or they can take the C3 transition with standard credits in the C-series and have to do all B404 except the Introduction to Te Reo workshop.