The rollout of the Discover SMS for tamariki enrolments and attendance is well underway with the July centres now officially on Discover, and the August centres about to changeover.

It is important to note that the tablets will be provided to centres a few weeks after the initial rollover for your centre. This is because we need time to ensure all the data has been transferred in correctly and that all parents/caregivers are loaded correctly.

When the tablets are delivered parents/caregivers will receive an email with the pin number they will use to sign their tamariki in each day. If we do not already have an email for you the Centre Admin will be asking for one. If you do not have an email that is ok, we will just need to provide the pin to you manually.

The tablets do need to be able to access the internet, but not continuously. They need to connect to the internet once in the morning, and again after the session. For any centres who do not have the internet we will need to work with you to consider how that may be able to be achieved.

Written information and a short training video for centre members will be made available with the tablets.