• Annual building and playground cleaning. Please make sure you schedule a time each year to wash down your building and playground. Please check FAQs below for further information.
  • Please remember to download the latest forms for project and hire applications from the website,
  • Please note that the 12 Property Policy and 12.1 National Property Budget Project Criteria Procedure documents have recently been updated. Please make yourself familiar with these if you are applying for projects.


Property Communications

For all general property enquiries please email [email protected], for specific regional property information please contact your Regional Property Coordinator,


Property Projects

Playcentre Aotearoa ask that all Centres talk to their Regional Property Coordinator at the very start of a project, when you are initially thinking about undertaking a project. This is for both Playcentre funding assisted projects and non-Playcentre funded projects. Regional Property Coordinators will then provide advice and guidance with regards to your specific Playcentre building and playground. This could prevent costly mistakes!


Property Policy and Procedure Documents (and Project Application Forms)

Updated Property Policy and Procedure Documents and Project Application Forms (for Playcentre Funding Assisted and Non Funded Projects) are available on the website, These documents are available in PDF and editable formats. Please make sure you also read the Documents “notes to help you complete the forms” in order to make sure you are supplying the correct information. Please do not alter these documents. Once completed these need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator.


NEW Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement

12.1.3 Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement form has been created to provide information regarding both asbestos and lead contaminates at your Playcentre property. This form MUST be signed and submitted with each Project Application Form (Funding Assisted and Non Funded) that you complete. The relevant section on the Project Application Form should also be signed to acknowledge that you have seen, signed and submitted this form. Buildings newer than 2000 will not be required to undertake any Asbestos investigations and buildings newer than 1980 will not be required to undertake lead testing. For further information about this form and its contents and any questions about asbestos and lead please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Property Coordinator,


Hire Documents

Updated hire documents (in pdf and editable formats) are available on the website, Please download these forms each time you wish to hire out the Centre. All hire forms need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator prior to the hire date.


Property FAQ

FAQ are available on the website,, these are updated as new questions are asked. The following are two questions that have come up recently.



Q: Playcentre Aotearoa are providing funding assistance for our project, who do we send our project invoices to in order for them to get paid?

A: If your Centre has applied for funding assistance and received a notification to say that Playcentre Aotearoa will provide funding assistance for your project that means all invoices will be paid by Playcentre rather than directly by the Centre.  Please ensure that you ask the contractors to make ALL invoices out to Playcentre Aotearoa/your centre name.  The contractor can send these directly to your Regional Property Coordinator (their email address will be on your funding assistance notification form) or they can send them to your Centre who will then need to forward them on to the Property Coordinator. The Regional Property Coordinator will check that these invoices align with your Project Application prior to sending them on to the Accounts Team. Please do not send these directly to the Accounts Team. Please let your Regional Property Coordinator know once your project is completed. It is a good idea to send through photos of the completed project and any comments about contractors, process, etc to help streamline future projects. Also the Communications Team love good news stories, so if your project has been particularly successful and you want to show it off don’t forget to send it through to [email protected]. Please note that projects that have applied for Project Approval but are funding the project themselves need to pay the contractors directly, they will need to get the contractor to address the invoice directly to their Centre and NOT Playcentre Aotearoa. The practice of invoices coming through the Playcentre Aotearoa Accounts Team in order for GST to be claimed back is no longer allowable.


Q: How often do we need to clean/washdown the exterior building and playground equipment?

A:  Annual cleaning of buildings and playground equipment can help prolong the life of the structures as well as help prevent roof leaks and accidents and injuries from slippery surfaces. As you clean the building and equipment you will also get an idea of the state of the surfaces and can note down any maintenance or issues that you come across. These notes can help inform what maintenance etc you may need to plan, budget and remediate over the next 12 months.

Buildings and playground equipment can easily be cleaned/wash downed by Centre Members at a working bee or your Centre may plan to pay someone to do this annually. It is a good idea to budget some costs for this each year even if Centre Members are going to undertake the work. This will allow for cleaning materials, equipment etc to be purchased as well as allowing for any small immediate maintenance works that may be required.

Areas to consider when cleaning/washing down:

  • Gutters (best to be done annually after autumn leaves have fallen)
  • Washing the exterior of the building (soft wash rather than water blast) – please do not climb up on roofs or verandah roofs – if these spaces need to be done you will need to employ a professional
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Water blast concrete paths, please do not water blast decking as this can break down the timber. For decking it is best to use something like wet and forget and then use a hose and brush to wash away.
  • For playground equipment please do not water blast timber, as per decking use something like wet and forget and a hose and brush to wash away. Plastics and metals can be waterblasted if the softwash isn’t removing mould and moss. The following article describes How to Clean Plastic Playground Equipment without using harsh chemicals
  • Clear away any foilage that is up against the buildings and playground equipment, including overhanging trees and garden plantings. Some buildings will have concrete foundations with openings for ventilation these should be clear so that moisture doesn’t build up under the floor.
  • If exterior heat pump units are dirty give them a quick wipe down with wet and forget or similar. Don’t forget to cut back foliage from around them. If they need a more indepth clean please contact a professional to do this.
  • Note down any areas, surfaces etc that may need remedial work.
  • If your Centre has a Hazards Register for contaminates please make sure all contractors and Centre Members working on/cleaning the building and playground equipment have reviewed the register and are aware of what contaminates and hazards exist.
  • If your Centre collects water for use in the centre from roofs please make sure all cleaning materials you use are suitable for use or disconnect the connection to the tank whilst cleaning is underway. It may be necessary to have a stand down period before reconnecting to allow any residual chemicals from the roof clean to wash away. Remember to reconnect them after a good rain fall though!
  • If you live in an area near the sea or geothermal you may need to clean more frequently, i.e. once a term.
  • Asphalt, poured rubber and concrete driveways should also be water blasted and loose fill driveways kept clear of weeds.
  • Don’f forget about cleaning the outside and roofs of other structures like sheds and Whare.
  • Please make sure you follow any manufacturers instructions for cleaning down materials and equipment.

As well as keeping your Centre clean and tidy an annual exterior clean can give Members pride in their Centre which also leads to members feeling happy and cared and encourages new members to come along.