Benefit #1- Discover how children learn

Our Playcentre Education modules introduce some major topics of interest to most parents – information and skills which will be useful in your day to day life as a parent in your Playcentre and at home.

We start with “Let’s Play”

Why is play so vital to development and learning in young tamariki?. Discover the benefits of learning through play and the importance of the early years for learning and development. Engage in practical workshops that will introduce you to new ideas and resources available at your Playcentre to enrich children’s play, highlighting ways to support children’s play to foster growth and development.

Learn about early childhood

You also have the opportunity to learn about early childhood and how to support children’s learning and development through play. Te Whāriki the NZ early childhood curriculum provides a bicultural framework to plan, provide and review holistic learning experiences, recognising diverse cultural knowledge and following child’s interests. Develop your skills to recognise learning strengths and ways to document learning through stories and photographs about your own and other tamariki.

There are a range of workshops which cover a variety of topic areas like:

– How to enrich children’s play

– Workshops on how to use resources to support children’s play ie. sensory play, messy play and water play.

– Learn about early childhood socio-cultural theories

– Learn different ways to develop positive relationships with infants, toddlers and young children

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What others are saying

“[Playcentre] delivered an intensive, fast paced, fun, relevant and interesting day and I went home immediately able to see new things about how the adults and child at our house interact, play and learn”.