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For all general property enquiries please email [email protected], for specific regional property information please contact your Regional Property Coordinator,


Hire Documents

Updated hire documents (in pdf and word formats) are available on the website, Please download these forms each time you wish to hire out the Centre. All hire forms need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator prior to the hire date.


Property FAQ

FAQ are available on the website,, these are updated as new questions are asked. The following are two questions that have come up recently.


Question: What is a monthly BWOF check and do centre committees need to do these?

Answer: Monthly BWOF checks are generally identified by a logbook which has various pages requiring monthly visual checks with corresponding signatures and dates. 

The logbook is usually supplied by the IQP and will be checked by them prior to signing off the next years BWOF. 

If you have a logbook it is important that the checks are completed each month. 


If a centre doesn’t have a BWOF then they aren’t required to do these checks and sign off separate logbook records. Playcentres pre session ‘Daily Health and Safety Checklist’ requires daily checking of exit signs and exit routes and doors so this is sufficient for those centres.


The items that require monthly bwof checks are specified by the buildings compliance schedule. The IQP contractor will complete all other and more complex checks required by the compliance schedule. In most cases the centre nominates an officeholder, such as the Property Officer, to complete the simple visual checks. In some cases an audible test of the fire alarm system is required as well.


For these monthly checks the specific things to check each month are usually made up of:

– confirming fire exits are clear and an egress path is maintained right to and through the final exit (gate/s)

– checking that EXIT signs continue to be displayed above exit doors (ie, sometimes they are removed for painting walls or covered by a poster)

– checking that any signs to facilitate egress remain in place (ie, the centre may have a process for assisting members with limited mobility to safely exit in emergencies)

– in some cases an audible check of the fire alarm system is required. All fire alarm systems differ so please check your logbook for instructions on how to carry out this test for your centre. Some systems have a test mode, some do not. Some systems will automatically link to the fire service and dispatch a fire unit if the test mode in not used. 


Where a centre repeatedly fails to complete the monthly checks the RPC may instruct the contractor to visit each month to complete them. Charges  incurred here will be passed onto the centre. 


For further information on BWOF please refer to .