Playcentre Aotearoa are delighted to announce the opening of a new Playcentre in Runanga, on the West Coast of the South Island. 

Runanga Playcentre held its first session for pre-school children and their families on 22 March 2022.

Kate Rogatski, President of Runanga Playcentre said, “It’s wonderful to see the kids exploring the new space and using all the new play equipment.”

Playcentre is the dominant provider of early childhood education in rural areas of New Zealand.

According to Rogatski, having a Playcentre in Runanga will be great for the community. 

“There are a lot of families that are quite isolated.  This gives them a place where they feel like they belong,” she said.

“Parenting is hard and it’s nice to have other parents to learn from and to support you through that parenting journey,” explains Rogatski.

Playcentre is a nationwide charity with 420 centres throughout Aotearoa. 

For 80 years, Playcentre has been offering families the chance to play, grow, and learn together, as well as to forge meaningful friendships with other families in the community.

Runanga Playcentre welcomes families with children aged 0-6 years.  They are located at 8 Mills Street and charge a small donation to attend.

To organise a free visit contact [email protected].

Children learning through play alongside their parents at the new Runanga Playcentre.