Abbie, Garth and Emma (21 months) from Avonhead Playcentre.


“Lockdown 2020” sounds like the title of an action movie.

We are all part of history in the making and that’s actually pretty special…I reflect on that often. Week one was unknown fear,’ stress, adapting, worry. The anger and aggression I was seeing on local social media pages was unsettling ,hence I left a dozen Facebook pages which helped my mental wellbeing.

Suddenly we saw the beauty of going back to basics.

Emma ate a watermelon Garth had grown in our garden, Garth baked scones and Emma started to explore the areas of our section where three are trees. I also started walking with Emma in stroller again a couple of hours a day by weaving up and down every little street in our neighbourhood. People (at a 2m distance) say hello and ask how we are doing- and it seems a genuine question. I’ve also noticed I’m not as reliant on You Tube to keep Emma entertained while I do chores. I now throw the door open to the back yard and off the goes-we have also set up a play area for Emma outside and put a lot of her toys there.


We also have 2 horses on 8acres of land 4km away, so we go there twice daily (as per animal welfare for essential travel). Emma runs thru the paddocks having a ball.

We don’t have play dough set up, or paints, we don’t have a routine but what we do have is a newfound/ rejuvenated appreciation for the simple outdoors. There is no right or wrong in any of this. I have struggled some days but, on those days, I walk further and breath in the air. In a couple of weeks we will return to the rushed life we live and I do believe that is when I will struggle more and I actually think I will feel a sense of loss knowing this very special 4 weeks has finished.

Everyone keep smiling…history in the making remember!