Our valued volunteers

Playcentre could not function without all of those who volunteer.

Our volunteers are an integral part of Playcentre philosophy, providing invaluable support to our centres, other volunteers, tamariki and pēpi.

Volunteers at Playcentre support individual centres by taking on an officeholder role in their centre.

The roles and professional development opportunities at each centre include:

Playcentre offers office holder workshop and training for specialised areas (for example accounting programme support and training for our volunteer treasurers).

Through the act of volunteering, we help form strong communities, people learn transferrable skills, build friendships and relationships.

On behalf of the children and their families who will benefit from Playcentre we would like to thank everyone for all they do.

What others are saying

I love that I’m part of my son’s ECE learning experience by being there to set up arts, games, read books you don’t have at home and doing a portfolio for them.
It’s a great way to meet friends for yourself and the kids, getting involved in the community doing fundraisers for Playcentre… I could go on…

I came into the Playcentre environment with a variety of management skills, but found the Playcentre environment an incredible opportunity to explore and deepen my understanding of leadership, decision making and the importance of teamwork. The skills I developed were a key component of me securing my next step in my career.