Student stories Desney

Playcentre Education asked Desney to share her recent Level 4 Certificate in ECE and Care experiences and the things that have stuck out:

The driving factor was to help our centre get licensed. I started with Course One and Course Two at Massey Playcentre. Two and a half years ago we moved to Waiheke Island.

 When I first started at Playcentre I had a great President, who is now the Regional Lead.

I have had some great mentors and support right from the beginning.

I just kept going and after moving to Waiheke I transitioned into the new programme.

It reminded me how much I enjoy learning and being on session and putting it into practice.

I am kind of sad it is over now!


Two things have really stuck out for me in the programme. I had my tutor come over and her appraisal of me was very positive.  I’m not a naturally bubbly person but it made me realise that having calm respect is something that can build really strong relationships with children.

Another thing that has stayed with me during study has been about the different types of ECE services and the history of Playcentre. All the benefits of Playcentre, the ratios, the family connections has made me feel passionate about Playcentre as a viable ECE option for parents.

 There are five ECE services on Waiheke. It makes me feel really privileged to be with my child four days a week at our Playcentre. I see the difference with my younger child being at Playcentre four days a week.

 I am the Education Officer and President as well. I’ve been a centre administrator in the past too.

 The education programme has given me so much more confidence in myself. If you had told me I’d be President when I started at Playcentre I would have laughed.

 One of my goals is to get our families experiencing other Playcentres as a movement and encouraging others to undertake the education programme.