Review of centre paid on charge for consideration

Over the past 12 months we have been working hard to refine our processes around the on billing of centre paid staff. We have found that the 8% on charge covering Annual leave has been really successful, however we have had issues both at our end and at centres with confusion over who is responsible for other leave types such stat days, bereavement and sick pay and ACC levy’s.

We would like to propose that all leave costs get taken over by the national payroll and the on charge % be increased to 11.2% to cover these costs. The change would simplify the process for centres when they budget (especially over Xmas) and for our billing team as this is where most our errors appear to be occurring.

If we were to go ahead with this move it would become effective from the first pay period of the new financial year starting 1 September 2019. I would really welcome centres feedback via email: [email protected] by Tuesday the 17th of August.