Old Courses – our advice – don’t wait, finish now!

Old Courses must be completed by 1 Dec 2019 – absolutely NO EXTENSION to this deadline is possible. You are strongly advised to complete them as soon as you can. It is a date set by NZQA for an expiring qualification beyond which we cannot issue certificates in the expired qualification. The deadline cannot be extended on compassionate grounds if your circumstances later in the year make it difficult for you to finish before the deadline.

This deadline is independent of licensing changes where the Ministry of Education has always said if the transition for licensing needs to be extended they are open to a request from NZPF to do that.

Federation, National and Association Certificate holders transitioning to Course 4

The expiring qualification deadline applies to you too. You must finish the special programme we have offered before 1 Dec 2019 so we can indeed issue you with a Course 4 which will have on-going licensing recognition after the licensing transition period ends.

If you don’t know which assignment to do first or need advice or help or are unsure who your commenter is, please contact your regional Education Co-ordinator.

New programme

The great news is that there are a lot of completions of the PIA and now PEA starting to come through. Many C2s and C3s are transitioning into the new programme. The first of the C-modules (C405) is with the printer!

The feedback on the B403 Positive Relationships module is fantastic – it really will support your parenting journey as well as your Playcentre experience.