Congratulations to Rachel Sadler from the Waikato and to Toni Mitchell from Tamaki on the completion of the Playcentre Diploma in Early Childhood and Adult Education. Finishing ‘Course 6,’ a level 6 qualification, is a special milestone that very few have achieved. Rachel is passionate about adult education and is a Playcentre Education tutor involved in passing on her learning to others. Toni has been a tutor for many years and has made a significant contribution to the Big Kids outdoor sessions at St Heliers Glendowie Playcentre.

Deborah Armstrong from Waikato and Helen Caskey (previous van Beek) have completed Course 5 of the Playcentre Diploma in Early Childhood and Adult Education. This is a significant personal achievement as the result of many years of work. Well done, Deborah and Helen.

There have been significant numbers completing courses in the old diploma programme. Over 60 Course 4 certificates have been awarded this year including to those finishing the special transition upgrade programmes offered to pre 2000 old Playcentre qualifications graduates with Association, National or Federation Certificate.

So far there have been over 115 Course 3 Certificates awarded and over 70 Course 2 Certificates issued this year as we bring this programme to a close in December.

Those in the old programme should have submitted all assessments by the time this Bulletin is circulated. If you have a question or a problem or need assistance with something to do with the old programme please contact Gillian Croad , the training Co-ordinator in December.

Thank you to all the commenters who have continued to support this programme in 2019 and who over the last month have managed huge marking workloads as the December deadline approached.

New programme news

You can do and submit assessments during the holidays but be aware commenters will be on holiday from 6 Dec. If you send work it will not be marked in the usual 2-3 week time frame but you will receive feedback when commenters return to work in late January.

We look forward to awarding Certificates to the first graduates from the Playcentre Education programme in the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (level 4) in 2020.