Future Artist

Emotions can be expressed and creativity can be nurtured using colours and textures of paint.

Painting provides an opportunity for children to develop an understanding of concepts such as colour, shape and size. Learning to hold pencils and crayons between the thumb and fingers helps children develop pre-writing skills.

When children discuss artworks they develop the ability to express themselves and convey their own ideas. This gives children confidence that they can apply to artwork and other activities.

Playcentre resources can include

Brushes of varying lengths, widths and density
Sponge patterned rollers to allow for textures
Primary coloured paint
Secondary coloured paint
Fluro paint
Metallic glitter paint


Paper with a variety of shapes and colours ie. newsprint, cartridge paper, plastic, different textures
Large pieces of paper to allow large arm movement
Other surfaces like cardboard cartons, walls or fences
A variety of natural materials to paint with ie. Cotton buds
Paint holders
Display board or wall to display the children’s paintings and murals


“It’s our village. Lifelong friendships and support for our whole family. Endless fun and learning opportunities for all of us”.

- Rachel

The community of parents and the community of children, the learning opportunities for both, the fun, the friendships 💕

- Liz