How to make bird feeders


200-300 gm dripping or lard

Extra ingredients:
Bird seed
Wheat or barley
Crumb of bread or biscuit
Dried fruit

Method one

Step one: Soften the dripping or lard then add a selection of the extra ingredients. Put the mixture into a bowl.

Step two: Cover with waxed paper and press down well. Set aside until the dripping has set.

Step three: To remove, put the bowl in hot water and then tip out. Transfer it to a mesh bag or container that can be hung out of a tree.

Method two

A popular version is to use the soft mixture (from step one) to fill pinecones – ideally large and open.

Step one: Tie some string or twine around the pinecone feeder, placing it 2-3 rows of scales below the wider end of the cone with the scales overlapping the string to hold it securely in place. The top of the string can be left open in order to tie it to a branch for hanging.

Step two: Soften the dripping or lard and then add a selection of the extra ingredients.

Step three: Coat the cone with the mixture, filling in larger gaps and pressing lightly to keep the seed adhered to the cone.

Step four: Put your cone in the fridge to set for an hour. 

Step five: Hang off a branch.


Now all that is left to do is wait and watch for your feathered friends to arrive.