My husband’s job moved, so we were living in Auckland, then in Hamilton for three years and at the start of this year moved to Christchurch. I have two boys; one is here today and an older boy at kindy.

How are you finding the move?

“Yeah, it’s hard. We left two sets of grandparents and cousins and that sort of thing to having… My husband has an uncle who’s got kids but they’re all like teenagers. They are our only family.

So, it was very important to get to Playcentre because I knew I would be supported. I don’t know half these women and I came in this morning, having a really hard morning and I just got cuddles and, you know, they were just like ‘just go be with Max’ and that’s just what I needed.

We visited other Playcentres but this one just felt like us. It’s nice to come here and relax a little bit. I’m coming twice a week with both of them actually; I’m just here with Max today. But, I think I will see how my older boy goes at kindy. I think we might just come to Playcentre. I think he is a Playcentre kid at heart, you know what I mean?