Playcentre Aotearoa has partnered with The Nest Collective to support every baby to thrive in their critical first year of life.

With the cost of living ever-increasing, there are many whānau in need across Aotearoa welcoming a new baby without the items their baby needs.

The Nest Collective supports social workers and local community partners to provide free baby essentials to families in need across Aotearoa.

Each pēpi pack contains over 150 essential items required for the first year of life including clothing, bedding, books, toys and safety items.

These packs were designed with experts to reduce financial stress for families and enable them to concentrate on other important aspects of parenting once their basic necessities are supplied.

The Nest Collective is seeking donations of new or gently used pre-loved baby items from Playcentres to pass on to families in need.

In return they have agreed to include a Playcentre and Space promotional flyer in their packs for families with new babies.

Your Playcentre can have a donations box and collect quality secondhand items. You can download a poster to attach to your Centre’s donations box.

Once your Centre’s box is full, simply email [email protected] to request a courier label to print. NZ Post will then collect the box free of charge and deliver to The Nest Collective.

In your email to Nicola requesting a courier label, please include:
• Centre name
• Centre physical address
• Contact name and phone number
Important note: Please ensure courier packs do not weigh more than 25kg.

Alternatively, you can drop off your box of donated items directly to The Nest Collective. Find your nearest drop off location.

The Nest Collective will ensure these donations will go to those in our communities who need them most.

For more information please contact [email protected]