Friends of Playcentre

Playcentre has been the unique cornerstone of Early Childhood Education in New Zealand since 1941. We believe that the friendships and connections we make during our time at Playcentre are worth preserving.

Friends of Playcentre will be a formal way to gather/reconnect Playcentre members past and present, and create a national hub of knowledge and friendship.

Many women in particular have identified how Playcentre’s influence on them has been life changing. We want to harness this energy and aroha of all Playcentre families to keep this powerful Playcentre movement alive, by creating a space for Playcentre whānau to belong to.

Currently Playcentre is in a period of change as 32 Associations and centres amalgamate into one entity. Friends of Playcentre is a way offering an extra layer of sustenance during this change period.

How and when can you sign up?

To sign up as a Friend of Playcentre, click the following link Friends of Playcentre Registration Form

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