Friends of Playcentre

Friends of Playcentre: an Alumni Foundation.

Friends of Playcentre: an Alumni Foundation

“Friends of Playcentre is about creating opportunities for people who have been impacted positively by Playcentre to remain connected, both with others and to the organisation as a whole. It’s catching up with friends, but it’s also having the opportunity to still be involved.”

Whether you stay in touch by contributing your skills to events such as public speaking, sharing your story or facilitating Playcentre functions, or you work in the background promoting Playcentre: if your heart is still with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Many parents continue to utilise skills and knowledge learned through their time at Playcentre, and fondly remember the village they formed for their own families while their children were young.

Many women in particular have identified how Playcentre’s influence on them has been life changing. We want to harness this energy and aroha of all Playcentre families to keep this powerful Playcentre movement alive, by creating a space for Playcentre whānau to belong to.
As an alumni member of Playcentre and the Friends of Playcentre Foundation you’ll carry the spirit of Playcentre through to new connections you make, and foster the messages we promote throughout our centres: this is your village, and you can be a part of your child’s learning, as well as develop your own.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s been a decade or more since your time at Playcentre ended, or whether you stopped attending last year: we’d love to be in touch with you and have you on board as a Friend of Playcentre and alumni member.

We’d also love to share ‘success stories’ of those who have gone on to use their skills learned through Playcentre: if you’ve achieved things in your community, seen the world through new eyes thanks to Playcentre, or celebrated your child’s successes as they’ve received accolades, please do get in touch with us.

Friends of Playcentre members will receive regular newsletter updates, as well as an invitation to the Friends of Playcentre dinner, which is to be held during the annual Playcentre conference. Conference is held each year in a different part of Aotearoa, so there will be opportunities for different areas of Friends of Playcentre to attend.

Local Playcentres will also have the opportunity to promote events within their region for alumni, via our Friends of Playcentre networks and on our Facebook page.

We know that the Friends of Playcentre network will grow over time and we welcome your ideas on new ways to connect throughout Aotearoa.

What others say

Playcentre parents are the kindest friendliest people you will ever meet. My children are now at school and it’s the Playcentre mum’s that say hello to each other and make you feel like you belong. ❤️ Playcentre families

- Fleur