Trustee Board


Alaine Tamati-Aubrey

Alaine has been a member of the Board since May 2014.

Alaine has a wealth of institutional experience having been a Playcentre child and a Federation officer since 2009. This means she has seen Playcentre grow from a piece of land, to buildings and fittings and most importantly the development of its people and culture.

Alaine is mum to six children, and nanny to thirteen mokopuna, so as a parent gets to see the influence Playcentre has in her own life.


Ruth Jones

Ruth has been a member of the Board since November 2017.

Ruth has been a member of Playcentre since 2000 attending session with her 6 tamariki. Ruth brings a wealth of knowledge to the Board from experiences of various roles at centre, association and national levels of our organisation.

Ruth knows Playcentre is a great supportive community for whānau and believes we can be a driving force for positive change in New Zealand society.

Trustee Board Member

Tiso Ross

Tiso joined the Trustee Board in November 2018 as one of the Tangata Tiriti Whare representatives. With partner Yukinori she has two children 8 and 5.

Tiso has been an active member of Playcentre since 2011 and continues to volunteer as a person responsible once a week. Tiso served on the Wellington Playcentre Executive between 2016 – 2018.

Tiso is passionate about Playcentre and supporting children and their families to thrive. Before having children Tiso lived in Japan for 10 years and mainly worked in administrative and training roles.

Trustee Board Member

Michelle Hutton

Michelle joined the Trustee Board in November 2018. In addition to the knowledge and skills developed in a variety of roles at centre and association level, Michelle has a background in management in large, complex organisations.

Michelle has attended South City Playcentre in Hastings and Blockhouse Bay Playcentre in Auckland with her two tamariki. Michelle also has many wonderful memories of attending Playcentre as a child.

Michelle recognises Playcentre as a unique community supporting and empowering whānau and tamariki as they grow together.

Trustee Board Member

Avis Stewart

Trustee Board Member

Cynthia Murray

Cynthia has been on the board May 2016.

Cynthia has been a A member of playcentre since 1997 which she has attended with her 5 children.

Cynthia has wealth of knowledge and skills she brings to the board, from being an active member undertaking numerous roles at Rōpū, Centre, Association and now federation level.

Cynthia is passionate and is driven to ensure that Playcentre is here in the future for our babies.