Trustee Board


Avis Stewart

Avis joined the Trustee Board in 2015. My Playcentre journey spans 20+ years. Gave birth to 6 who gave us 27 mokopuna and 2 mokopuna tuarua – Ryder and Carter, along with the many whangai that have blessed us.

As a centre member I held many voluntary positions from the cleaner to the President. My volunteer roles at Association started on the Education team getting all the QMS in order moving through the Association policies, constitution, delegate to National meetings and becoming the first non-Māori Co Convenor for Mid Northland Playcentre Association. From 2015 – 2017 I became employed as the CEO for Mid Northland Playcentre Association holding the compliance, through licensee, for all centres among other duties. Federation positions saw me have a stint in the Association Support team, part of the ‘summer working party’ to develop the structure that we are now implementing, part of the Constitutional working party to develop the constitution we now operate under, kaiwhakahaere for Te Whare Tikanga Māori, to currently holding the position of Perehitana Takirua o Te Whānau Tupu Ngātahi o Aotearoa.

Our babies continue to inspire me to make sure that the Playcentre journey continues for future generations.


Michelle Hutton

Michelle joined the Trustee Board in November 2018. In addition to the knowledge and skills developed in a variety of roles at centre and association level, Michelle has a background in management in large, complex organisations.

Michelle has attended South City Playcentre in Hastings and Blockhouse Bay Playcentre in Auckland with her two tamariki. Michelle also has many wonderful memories of attending Playcentre as a child.

Michelle recognises Playcentre as a unique community supporting and empowering whānau and tamariki as they grow together.

Trustee Board Member

Tiso Ross

Tiso joined the Trustee Board in November 2018 as one of the Tangata Tiriti Whare representatives. Tiso and her partner have two primary school aged children.

Tiso has been an active member of Playcentre since 2011 and served on the Wellington Playcentre Executive between 2016 – 2018.  After her children went to school, Tiso continued to volunteer as a person responsible once a week until the end of 2019. 

Tiso is passionate about Playcentre and supporting children and their families to thrive. Before having children Tiso lived in Japan for 10 years and mainly worked in administrative and training roles.

Trustee Board Member

Char Martin

Char joined the Trustee Board in November 2019. Char began her Playcentre journey in 2005 with her grandson. She soon became the Centre Education officer, Kaiwhakahaere for Puriri Whakamaru o Taranaki and spent 10 years on the Association management team.

In 2013, Char joined the NZPF Education Team for Matauranga Māori and two years later she became Co-Convener for Education. She has been teaching and commenting on the Adult education program since 2009. Char oversaw the new Adult education program for Māori content alongside the Training Coordinator.

Char is supported in her position by her husband Joe, her two children, her Taranaki playcentres and rōpū.

Trustee Board Member

Ranee Davies

Ranee joined the Trustee Board in November 2019. Ranee began her Playcentre journey in 2008 with her twins.

In 2016, Ranee joined the Counties Association Education team and started attending national meetings. Ranee is on the Trustee Board because she wanted to steal the previous Co-Presidents job, and now Ranee has only two more stepping stones until she achieves her goal to be Co-President.

Ranee is supported in her position by her three children and Ngā Kakano Puriri Wakamaru.