Volunteer story – Diana

Social Media Manager

Diana has two boys, Theo who is almost 5 years and George who is nearly 2 years. She has recently taken on the role of Social Media Manager at Takapuna Playcentre.

“It’s given my brain something engaging to do and gives me some work experience for when I go back to paid work.”

Diana’s advice for anyone who was unsure about joining Playcentre and taking on an office holder role would be to “just try it out for a term.”

“I think it’s easier to volunteer for something once you can see the mutual benefits. Just come for a visit and try it out for a term and see how it goes and see if it’s the right place for you and your kids.”

She says Playcentre is a good place to go when you are at home feeling a bit lonely and want to meet other adults and do something fun with your kids.

“Playcentre is our home away from home. It’s been an especially challenging time to parent small people. Having a wonderful supportive group of friends has made all the difference to our whānau.”

Diana appreciates the opportunity to build friendships and talk through parenting challenges with other parents at Playcentre.

“It’s nice having other people to chat to about the inevitable parenting challenges that come your way. It’s nice to share those stories and talk to other parents going through similar things.”