Volunteer story – Kasey

Centre president – Playcentre created a family for us

Kasey, originally from the USA, has been attending Playcentre since her son Alex, was 18 months old.  She remembers Alex just observing the other children in their activities when she began Playcentre.  He was able to take all the time he needed to feel comfortable at his new place.  Alex is almost five now. She initially did Space with her son, and, she says it seemed like a great option to continue spending time with him while getting to socialise.

After completing the first education course, she enjoyed it so much she took up the adult education role, then added in cluster rep and minutes taker. For the past two years she has been the president at her centre. 

With all her relatives still in the USA, she says “at Playcentre I’ve got family”.  She has discovered “community, friendships and support”: 

I love helping others find family and support. I have such a passion for Playcentre, it gave Alex a second home and the support I needed.

Kasey says that while her Playcentre is lovely with outside play areas, filled with hills, trees and a massive rock surrounded sandpit (with running water) it’s the parents who make her Playcentre what it is:

If our parents weren’t so passionate about our centre, it wouldn’t survive. We’ve got parents who go up and beyond to keep our centre going and I am so grateful to be a part of Playcentre with them.