Volunteer story – Susanne

Education officer and other roles – extension of skills

During her time at Playcentre Susanne has been PR officer, education officer, treasurer, rolls and register officer, grants officer and finance team manager. She has five children aged 2 – 8.

My five tamariki are Madeleine 8, Nathan 7, Kayla 6, Wiremu 4 and Genevieve 2.  Having four children at Playcentre at the same time (looking back – so crazy) but I was not alone, I was part of such a supportive, encouraging environment that journeyed with me through a very busy time in my life. 

Susanne kept coming back to Playcentre because she believes it is the best ECE available and her kids love it.

As a working Mum my children have also been involved with a variety of other types of early childhood education, but I think the opportunities provided at Playcentre are like no other (Cool trips, fires, explosions, carpentry, regular cooking and more). The high adult to child ratio and small maximum numbers help to contribute to this quality. The friendships and relationships built for me, and my children have also formed a very important part of my Playcentre journey.

She says she has grown through her time at Playcentre through completing education, learning from others on session and had the chance to extend skills; like using xero which have transferred to her current work outside of Playcentre.  

I think the saying “you get out what you put into Playcentre is very true.” If you want to create the very best play and learning environment for your and other tamariki it requires time and effort but wow do you see the results. Playcentre has definitely benefited my children.