Cluster Resources

What is a cluster?

Clusters are the primary forum for centre-voice in Playcentre Aotearoa. 

Each cluster is made up of between five and 20 Centres. Clusters will primarily focus on centre needs and centre issues and allow centres to discuss common issues–of a local or national nature.

Clusters are a space for centres to share where they are on their journey, give and receive help and support, and  share information.

What is their purpose?

Their purpose is to enable engagement with the wider organisation

  •  are by centres for centres
  • are self-determining, self-managing and membership can change
  • are a support mechanism, with a bit of governance
  • will discuss the budget and levy, strategic plan, annual plan, remits, and selection of trustees to a greater or lesser extent, depending on their capability and desire at the time
  • will feed centre views into the Tāngata Tiriti Hui and choose people to attend Tāngata Tiriti Hui
  • can be a forum for two-way information sharing with the management structure

Meeting recommendations

It is recommended that clusters meet:

  • at least once per term, but you might like to do more.
  • in week four of the term, which gives the centre a chance to meet before the Cluster, and to meet after (if your centre has two business meetings per term) to discuss any relevant
    agenda items.
  • Meetings can be held at centres or other appropriate venues. It is entirely up to the cluster members and their budgets. If meetings are held at centres, then it could be rotated around centres to share the costs.

Cluster Resources

This includes information on what is a cluster, the three tier governance model, how to run a cluster meeting, Agenda template, Minute template.

Cluster Meeting Fact Sheet

This answers a range of questions like 

  • How many centres in a cluster? When do clusters meet? Who facilitates? What do they talk about? Who supports them?

What others are saying

“Our cluster meetings have been “a great way to make the new members aware of what’s happening outside our Playcentre, both at other centres and in governance. It was a fabulous opportunity to showcase our centre and have feedback and suggestions from other centres. The whole experience brought our members together and created a sense of belonging and ownership of our Playcentre as a team”.

– Parua Bay Playcentre