Useful documents

The Playcentre Constitution


The Playcentre Equipment List

In this document is the Playcentre Equipment List that describes what is required as the mandatory minimum standard for a good basic play session.

Also included is the Watch Out list (pages 39-43). You have heard lots about the equipment you should have in Playcentre, but what about the things that are not suitable? This is a list of inappropriate or potentially harmful items with information on why these need close supervision, or indeed withdrawal from the Centre. It has been compiled as a result of ongoing discussions between Equipment Convenors from throughout the country, at Regional and National meetings. The 1995 National meeting merged the “Watch Out” list and the “Inappropriate Equipment “lists into this revised “Watch Out” listing.

Playcentre Licencing Graphic Standard

This answers the question: What are the minimum combinations we need to have at our centre for standard funding?

Playcentre Quality Licencing Graphic

This answers the question: What are the minimum combinations we need to have at our centre for quality funding?

Guide to register as a charity

All Playcentres are members of NZ Playcentre Federation, and as such, are considered to be registered charities (due to NZPF being registered). Being a registered charity gives you certain advantages, such as not having to pay income tax.

Sample rules for centres to adopt, so that they can then Register as a Charity

Attached are the sample rules, which have been checked by Charities Services and would be acceptable to them.You can amend the rules to make small changes- particularly

  • Adding your Playcentre’s name where appropriate
  • You may wish to alter the blurb at the top as amalgamation has not yet occurred
  • Clause 3.0 you can change the names of the officeholder positions that are expected to be filled. I would not make it less than three.
  • Clause 9.0 you can change the percentage of members required to alter these rules, however, I would not lower it below 50%.

The following clauses should not be amended:

  • Clause 4.0 – being a Playcentre requires you to act in accordance with Playcentre Aotearoa’s constitution
  • Clause 8.0 (and 8.1, and 8.2) – these are required by Charities
  • Clause 10.1 – this is required by Charities.

If you do amend these clauses they will need to be carefully considered by legal advisors and Charities to ensure they meet the necessary requirements.

In order to adopt these rules it would be expected that a large majority of your centre members are in favour, and that they are formally adopted at a centre meeting.