Sharing our stories – Timea

Timea, originally from Hungary, followed her heart to New Zealand to study outdoor education, after stepping back from an international corporate career five years ago. She is now embracing life as a mother of 18 month old twin boys, Alexander and Benjamin, finding pleasure in life’s simple moments. She is just one month into her Playcentre journey.

You’ve been coming to Playcentre just a few weeks now, what is it that keeps you coming back each time?

“Everyone is very nice, everyone is very welcoming, it’s a warm welcome; that was the first impression for me. And the boys love it here. That’s another thing, the very first time we came, they just had such an amazing time here”.

“And I feel that parents are happy to jump in, help out, and play with each other’s kids, which is beautiful to see, And I’m really appreciative of the extra hands. Actually today, it happened a little bit already. We just rocked up and Jared was playing with one little boy and Daniel was with the other one and it’s like ‘Oh my goodness!’. And Hana goes ‘go make a coffee for yourself’ and I was like ‘oh I should!’. And I haven’t experienced that anywhere else. And it’s beautiful. I feel there is such a nice vibe here”.

What gets you up out of bed on those tough mornings you must have?

My partner, he makes us all breakfast every morning, which is a very nice start to the day! And their smiles, that keeps me going. You often get the comments, you know ‘double trouble’, ‘good luck to you’, things like that, but the occasional, very rare ‘you are doing a good job’. Yeah, that feels good.