Future Villagers

Playcentre offers the ideal learning environment for your child’s future in many different ways.

“The most rapid period of brain development is in the first few years, but because it is so rapid, and because it builds the foundation, that’s why it is so important. Everything that follows has to build on that foundation, made in the first few years”. Dr Jack P. Shonkoff, Centre of the Developing Child, Harvard University.

The Beginning of Life: The Series, Documentary directed by Estela Renner (2016 Maria Farinha Filmes)

Children at Playcentre will grow in confidence as they transfer their knowledge, skills and dispositions from one learning experience to another through endless activities and interactions. Each child has the chance to find their voice and their strengths at Playcentre. The future of your child is in your hands: give them the gift of learning by encouraging them to build, bake, create, dress-up, climb, paint, and sing. The future is wide open for families at Playcentre.