Promotional Material 2022

Here is a range of promotional material that you are welcome to use to promote your centre. They contain our new key messages which are:

Experience early childhood education with a difference; children and their families play and grow together.

Playcentre is a place for you and your child to play and grow together – to strengthen your bond and to make connections with other whānau in your community.

Children are given the opportunity to socialise and to learn through play, with 16 areas of play to ignite their imaginations. Watch children explore their surroundings, direct their own play, and expand their world of relationships.

Playcentre also offers parenting support: a cuppa when needed, other parents to share the joys and challenges with, play workshops and, for those who want to extend their knowledge, an early childhood education programme that is recognised outside of Playcentre.

Whether you have a new baby, or you are new to a community, Playcentre provides a place for babies, young children and parents to come together. Members enjoy a strong sense of belonging, and friendships flourish.

Playcentre is a nationwide charity with 420 centres located throughout the country. At each centre you will find a supportive, fun and friendly environment for you and your child.

You don’t just watch your child grow. You grow with them.

We will be continually adding to the promotional material and if you need something tailormade for your centre please contact the  Communications Manager on [email protected]

DL Rack Card

These are ideal for a letterbox drop or to hand out if you are attending an event, fundraising, show or exhibition and they fit into brochure holders.

Trifold Flyer

These have more details on them than a DL flyer and are perfect to give those that would like more information about Playcentre.