Thank you to those of you who responded to our request for information to inform the team’s planning for Christmas Payroll processing.

The salary/wages payments for the 9-22 December pay period (pay-day Wednesday 25 December will be paid on Friday 20 December. To make this possible, the pay period will be locked in TimeFiler at midday on Wednesday 18 December. The cut-off for receiving education claims and manual timesheets is 9am on Wednesday 18 December. You will need to set and publicise a submission deadline for your employees.

The salary/wages payments for the 23 December – 5 January 2020 pay period (pay-day 8 January 2020) will be paid as scheduled. This pay period will be locked in TimeFiler at midday on Monday 6 January 2020.

Very Important Information to note for employees and managers

  1. Employees will be able to enter hours in advance of the date they are worked for these two pay periods, 9-22 December and 23 December to 5 January.
  2. Rostered hours will not populate timesheets during the period 9 December to 7 February 2020 – if an employee works during any of these pay periods they will need to complete TimeFiler timesheets for the relevant pay periods.
  3. Leave requests submitted and approved prior to 9 December will flow through to TimeFiler timesheets. Note: if the leave has not been approved by the relevant manager/s prior to 9 December, the employee will need to enter the leave in their TimeFiler timesheet.
  4. All Leave requests not submitted via My Leave prior to 9 December will need to be included in the employee’s TimeFiler timesheet and submitted for their manager’s approval.
  5. All leave for waged employees must be in a submitted and approved TimeFiler timesheet to be processed in the relevant pay-run.
  6. Employees will need to submit timesheets in TimeFiler for each pay period during the school holidays if they have taken leave or worked during that period as per the current practice. Doing this will generate a leave payment. Managers will need to approve these timesheets.
  7. TimeFiler will only accept Leave Requests or Leave entries in a timesheet, at a time that the employee is normally rostered to work. Where employees are rostered to work during “Term Time Only”, Annual Leave can be applied for during the School Holidays at a time that the employee would normally be rostered to work. For example, if an employee is rostered to work Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 12 noon during Term time, the employee may apply for Annual Leave on Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 12 noon during the School Holidays. Entries for leave should have start/end, cost centre and role details with annual leave selected in the ‘leave type’ field. There will be an instruction document outlining how to add leave to a timesheet on the website. Upcoming payslips will include a link to this document.


Very important information to note for managers

  1. Managers must approve all leave requests prior to 9 December – please do a final check on 8 December.
  2. TimeFiler lockdowns will return to normal on Monday 6 January 2020 (ie, midday on the Monday of pay week).