Thank you for all the feedback, queries and suggestions regarding the Policies and Procedures. We will do some initial updates and reviews over the Christmas break, and will release these in February next year.

Please follow this link to see a collation of the various feedback that has been received and our responses to that feedback. Where we will be updating the policy or procedure to reflect the feedback this has been indicated.

To check if any policies or procedures have been updated you can look at the Policy Review Schedule on the website (under Policies and Procedures Resources). The “Last Updated” column will be amended when new versions are released.

Policy or Procedure to review

November: Code of Conduct policy and Communications and Media Policy – this is more for familiarity with these policies.

December/January: No reviews scheduled

February: Philosophy policy, and Health and Safety Policy.

Please use the feedback form on the website to send any feedback on these 2 policies by the 10th March, 2020.


Feedback on Playcentre Aotearoa Policy and Procedures Folder