Policies and Procedure folders should now have arrived at every Playcentre. Please take some time to go through them and become familiar with them.

Unless a form notes that you may use it, then you MUST use the form provided, as it is provided. Centre members should not be amending or altering the forms. If there is an issue with any forms please let us know via the Feedback form on the website and we will consider amendments as needed.

There will be a section in every Bulletin moving forward, where we will let you know which Policy or Procedure is being reviewed next, and if any have been updated.

Policy or Procedure being reviewed in Sept 2019: For the rest of this year no Policies or Procedures are being officially reviewed, but we recommend that in Sept you familiarise your centre with the Employment Policy and Procedure, and the Complaints Policy and Procedure.

Policy and Procedure Updates: Daily Health and Safety Checklist has been updated. (link?)

We are also aware it would be useful for the Excursions form to have digitally editable sections and we are reviewing the best way to achieve this.