Property Communications

For all general property enquiries please email [email protected], for specific regional property information please contact your Regional Property Coordinator,


Property Projects

Playcentre Aotearoa ask that all Centres talk to their Regional Property Coordinator at the very start of a project, when you are initially thinking about undertaking a project. This is for both Playcentre funding assisted projects and non-Playcentre funded projects. Regional Property Coordinators will then provide advice and guidance with regards to your specific playcentre building and playground. This could prevent costly mistakes!


MOE Condition Surveys

A large number of Playcentre Buildings have had Condition Surveys undertaken on them. These reports have been, in some cases, forwarded to your Centre. Currently we are supporting Playcentres to undertake the immediate works needed for all Priority 1 items listed and some Priority 2 items if they are linked to P1 works. Some of the works may be small and can be undertaken at little or not cost by the Centre. If you have carry out works yourselves or have any questions regarding the reports please contact your Regional Property Coordinator. Please remember all projects require an Application for Project Approval.


Property Policy and Procedure Documents (and Project Application Forms)

Updated Property Policy and Procedure Documents and Project Application Forms (for Playcentre Funding Assisted and Non Funded Projects) are available on the website, These documents are available in Word and PDF formats. Please make sure you also read the Documents “notes to help you complete the forms” in order to make sure you are supplying the correct information. Please do not alter these documents. Once completed these need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator.


NEW Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement

12.1.3 Asbestos and Lead Acknowledgement form has been created to provide information regarding both asbestos and lead contaminates at your Playcentre property. This form MUST be signed and submitted with each Project Application Form (Funding Assisted and Non Funded) that you complete. The relevant section on the Project Application Form should also be signed to acknowledge that you have seen, signed and submitted this form. Buildings newer than 2000 will not be required to undertake any Asbestos investigations and buildings newer than 1980 will not be required to undertake lead testing. For further information about this form and it contents and any questions about asbestos and lead please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Property Coordinator,


Hire Documents

Updated hire documents (in pdf and word formats) are available on the website, Please download these forms each time you wish to hire out the Centre. All hire forms need to be sent to your Regional Property Coordinator prior to the hire date.


Property FAQ

FAQ are available on the website,, these are updated as new questions are asked. The following are two questions that have come up recently.


A: 18 degrees is the new minimum temperature for all ECEs, as of July 2021, and we require all centres to heat their centres to this temperature from the start to the end of session and even if the doors are being opened and closed continuously.

Heat pumps are by far the most efficient for use in a Playcentre. If you already have heatpumps please make sure the internal filters are cleaned regularly, every 6 weeks over the winter and you get them serviced once a year. This helps keep them running efficiently. If you are ordering a new heatpump make sure that it has a 7 day timer so you can set it to come on well ahead of session in the morning so your Centre is nice and toasty when you arrive. This may cost more but is essential.

If you are struggling to heat your centre to 18 degrees, please take measurements (thermometer at 500mm above floor level) over a period of two weeks and let us know your current situation with your heating, insulation and any other heat related items. Obtain quotes for heat pumps and then either complete the project application form (12.1.2), or the funding assistance form (12.1.1) and return them to your RPC with your quotes and supporting evidence.

Curtains will help if closed when heating the centre in the morning. Some regions have local Curtain Banks which may be able to assist with providing thermally lined curtains.

If you are doing renovations in the future take into account putting insulation in the areas that you are opening up, i.e. ceiling, underfloor, walls. This assists with keeping the heat in.

Q: What do I need to do if my Centre has been broken into?

A: In the first instance you need to call the police. If necessary and safe to do so please make your Playcentre safe, i.e. turn off water at street if pipes broken, etc. If there is damage, please do not repair or clean up until police have visited and made a report.


Please contact your Regional Property Coordinator within 24 hours. Playcentre Aotearoa has insurance cover for contents in all Playcentres and the Regional Property Coordinator will guide you through the process in order to make a claim and get works repaired/items replaced.


If you have had a tablet and/or phone stolen please let your Regional Property Coordinator know as soon as possible so that the device can be locked.


In some instances, it may be necessary to close your Playcentre for a short period of time in order to fix repairs. Your Regional Team and Centre Advisor will be able to assist you with this process.