Following correct tikanga at Playcentre

At Playcentre we follow tikanga (traditions or routines) to ensure everything is done in the proper manner and everyone is kept safe from harm. Tikanga is the little things, but they are important like taking off shoes before entering a whare, avoiding sitting on tepu (tables), and ensuring manuhiri (visitors) eat first

A couple of reminders are we don’t play with kai (food), avoid leaving bags or hats on tables that are used for kai, remember to always say karakia (prayers or incantations) before kai and try to refrain from touching the head of a child, unless invited to, as this relates to the head being a very important part of the body and thus tapu (sacred).

Check out these great Tikanga at Playcentre  resources our Kaihononga Māori team have created to help guide you on using correct tikanga on session at Playcentre. 

The resources relate to tikanga in messy play, food in our Playcentres, respect for the body.

Kīwaha – Key phrases in te reo Māori

Kīwaha are colloquial sayings or slang.  Our Kaihononga Māori team has put together some kīwaha or key phrases in te reo Māori  to drop into your everyday conversations at Playcentre.

Karawhiua – Give it all you’ve got!