This week we are re-initiating the Digital Island Phone & Hotspot (DIPH) programme and posting out 20 more phones! 200 centres are already up and running and that leaves just 170+ more to go!

One of the great benefits of the amalgamated Playcentre Aotearoa is that we now have bulk purchasing power. So we’ve partnered with Digital Island (owned by Spark) to provide a DI Phone & Hotspot that gives you these 8 advantages:

  1. Unlimited calling in NZ/Australia 
  2. Unlimited texting in NZ/Australia
  3. Fast, reliable data coverage 
  4. Wifi hot spotting to centre tablet & computer & wifi printer 
  5. Wifi hot spotting to centre member’s phones (please be prudent and limit use to Playcentre activities) 
  6. Reduced telecommunications costs and administration costs  
  7. Portable mobile phone to take on trips and excursions 
  8. Prevent any break in service when the copper broadband & landlines are phased out  


Copper phone and broadband lines are being phased out as NZ switches to fibre. Fibre is great, but expensive and hasn’t yet arrived to many rural areas, so it won’t work for us yet. For now, our best solution is to transition to the cellular network to gain the benefits above and avoid any breaks in service.

200 centres are already enjoying their new Digital Island Phone & Hotspot, and a few centres aren’t eligible due to poor internet service in their area. Ask your Centre Advisor if you haven’t been transitioned over yet and see if you’re in the next stages and keep an eye out in your centre email for “DIPH mobile phone coming your way”! 

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